Service 7 Days a Week Including Holidays
Service 7 Days a Week Including Holidays

Your Top Rated HVAC Contractor in Cedarcroft, NJ

Winters and summers in Cedarcroft, NJ often mean extreme temperatures, so it’s essential that your HVAC system functions at peak efficiency. Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning is the highest quality HVAC Contractor in Cedarcroft, NJ, as well as your choice for a professional and reliable HVAC company in Brick Township, NJ and the surrounding areas.

We provide the best in heating and cooling equipment and services, ensuring that your property is comfortable and inviting at all times. Our experienced technicians know the ins and outs of every type of heating and air conditioning system available, so you know you’re in good hands with Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning.. 

HVAC Services We Provide in Cedarcroft, NJ

Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning offers a wide variety of HVAC services to both our residential and commercial customers in Cedarcroft, including:

  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Replacement 
  • HVAC Installation
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Radiators
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Mini-Split Systems
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Emergency Services

Whether you need heating repair, an installation of a ductless mini-split system, or anything in between, Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning can help. 

Professional HVAC Services in Cedarcroft, NJ


When you’re thinking about installing cooling or heating systems in your newly built home or office building, it’s vital that you find the system that meets all of your requirements. At Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, we don’t just recommend a system and hope for the best.

We work with you, assessing your needs and understanding what fits best in your space. We’ve been designing and installing HVAC systems for over 40 years, allowing our customers to benefit from our depth of experience.   


As with any complex mechanical system, your HVAC system is made up of several components. Over time, those components inevitably need repairs or replacement, and that’s where Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning comes in.

We offer 24/7, 365 emergency service, so no matter when you need us, we’re available. Our technicians assess your system, diagnose the issue, and repair the problem as quickly as possible. Our goal is to keep you free of stress while ensuring your home or commercial property remains comfortable. 


The lifespan of a heating system or air conditioner is generally 10-15 years, so there’s a good chance you may face replacing an HVAC unit at some point. When you’re ready for a new HVAC system, contact the premier HVAC contractor in Cedarcroft, NJ.

We help you select the right system for your residential or commercial space by considering usage, needs, existing ductwork, and energy-efficiency. We install equipment from trusted, top-rated brands, answering any questions you may have, and showing you how to utilize all the features of your new system.  


Did you know that investing in regular maintenance of your HVAC system saves you money in the long run? Not only does it help catch minor repair needs before they become a major problem, but you also save money on utility bills. A clean and well-maintained system runs more efficiently, and even extends the lifespan of your unit.

Service Plan

At Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand that life gets busy and HVAC maintenance isn’t necessarily at the top of your mind. That’s why we offer maintenance plans to our customers, making it easier to get the most out of your existing HVAC system.

One of our HVAC professionals performs regular maintenance on your system, according to your individual needs and schedule. Our service plans take the stress out of scheduling maintenance visits – leave it to the professionals at Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning.

Emergency Services

Whether in your home or commercial property, a problem with your HVAC system usually can’t wait. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services. We’ll restore the comfort and air quality of your space with as little interruption and stress as possible. At Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re available 365 days a year, no exceptions. 

For A Free Estimate, Contact Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning 

Our commitment to providing unmatched customer service and the best in HVAC equipment means that you get a fast, reliable response when you need it. Our experienced professionals and years of experience ensure that whatever your HVAC needs, we’ve got you covered.

When you’re looking for the best HVAC Contractor in Cedarcroft, NJ, look no further than Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us today at (732) 800-9770 for a free estimate.

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