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Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor Screened
Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor 3 years screened

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If your current HVAC system is underperforming or no longer working, it’s likely time for a replacement. Choosing a new system can be tough, especially if you’re not familiar with all the mechanical aspects that can make or break heating and air conditioning systems. That’s why our team of NJ HVAC contractors experts at Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning would like to lend you a hand during the replacement process.

Avoiding HVAC-related issues often necessitates a system replacement every 10 to 15 years. For New Jersey residents, using an outdated system may leave you exposed to brutal weather in both winter and summer months.

You don’t want to leave things to chance when it comes to climate control. Contact us if you feel as though your system needs to be replaced.

Our HVAC Replacement Services

At Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, we help clients with every stage of the replacement process. We know replacing your system can be stressful, so we focus on making it as easy and affordable as possible. Below are the replacements services we offer to our clients:

Current System Assessment

If your system is still working, but you feel as though it’s not operating efficiently, our team can perform an inspection to diagnose the problem. In some cases, there may be a minor issue that can be resolved without a full replacement such as a basic Heating & Air Conditioning repair. In other cases, a system replacement may be necessary. In order to avoid overspending on a new system when there was a simpler fix to the problem, let us help you determine your HVAC needs.

Finding the Right System For Your NJ Home or Business

If you do need a new system, it’s time to find the perfect one for your home or property. With 42 years of experience working with the industry’s best systems, we’re the ideal partner to help you find the right one. We help clients source furnaces, air conditioner units, ventilation, and a host of other AC-related equipment.

Full-Service Replacement

Our team offers a full-service replacement that implements your new HVAC system in no time. We can install all the components of your system, as well as any ancillary elements that you require. We can also replace ductwork for your central heating and cooling system.

Average Cost to Replace Heating and Air Conditioning

Replacing an entire system can sometimes seem daunting for property owners. You may be wondering about the overall HVAC replacement cost. The price of a replacement will depend on the system that you choose and the specific requirements of the replacement job.

There are a variety of components that make up your system. If you’re looking for a new gas furnace and central AC unit, systems may cost as little as $3,000 to $5,000. Premium systems can go for much more. If you also require ductwork, the smaller end of the price range falls between $7,000 and $8,000.

No two jobs are alike. If you want an accurate estimate for your replacement system, it’s best to contact our team for a free quote.

The Benefits of Replacing Your System

If you’re considering replacing your HVAC system, it’s essential to understand some of the key benefits. Replacing a system is often expensive, but there are plenty of advantages you’ll receive if you upgrade your current unit. Check them out:

Better Cooling and Heating

Over time, an HVAC system may not offer the same cooling and heating benefits it did when it was brand new. If you replace your current system, you may find that your climate control features are much more effective.

Lower Energy Bills

Outdated or broken systems can often consume large amounts of energy. If you’re currently experiencing high energy bills, replacing your system could shave money off your bill each month. In some cases, you may not even realize that you’re overpaying for energy because of a faulty HVAC system!

Cleaner Air

If you haven’t replaced your system in years, you may be exposing your family or occupants to poor air quality. New HVAC systems often have better filtration and purifier systems that can help you rid your home of unwanted pollutants. We can also provide you with additional systems and tools that improve your property’s air quality.

Less Maintenance

Using a new system means you won’t have to worry about performing as much maintenance. While it’s always a good idea to service and maintain your HVAC system regularly, old systems may require constant repairs and adjustments. The costs of this can add up over time, and a new system may save you money in the long-term.

Contact Us for a Free HVAC Replacement Quote

There are plenty of New Jersey companies that replace heating and cooling systems throughout the state. So what makes us any different? At Eastern Shore know it’s our wealth of experience and knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the course of 42 years.

Our competitors do not offer the attention to detail or the fair pricing options that we provide. Over time we’ve built a strong client base for HVAC replacement in Brick NJ, Central New Jersey. With our attention to local needs, we know exactly what you need.

Don’t waste your time on HVAC replacement teams that charge you money for a quote. We’re happy to give our New Jersey customers free quotes for their next HVAC replacement.

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