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Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor 3 years screened

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Air Conditioning Condenser Service

The condenser unit is one of the most expensive parts of an air conditioning system. While many issues with the condenser necessitate replacement, sometimes a simple repair is enough.

Our pros at Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning can provide you with the professional inspection and expert diagnosis you need in Central NJ. We’ll offer our recommendations on condenser repair services or replacement and help you through the entire process. Call us today to get a free estimate!

AC Condenser Repair in NJ

The AC condenser is the outdoor part of your HVAC system. The condenser houses the air conditioner’s compressor, which compresses the refrigerant. In the process, the refrigerant becomes transformed from liquid to gas and moves through the evaporator coils. As outside air moves through the coils, the refrigerant cools the air. Then the fan blows the cooled air out into your home.

If something is wrong with your condenser, this cooling process gets interrupted, and the unit will be unable to cool your home efficiently. Ultimately, it may lead to overheating and premature system breakdown. Contact our air conditioning repair specialists who can diagnose and fix many condenser issues or determine whether it will need to be replaced.

Warning Signs of a Bad Condenser

The condenser is a vital part of the AC cooling process, so watch for these warning signs that your condenser may be going bad:

  • Your air conditioner blows warm air instead of cooled air
  • The air conditioner cycles on and off too rapidly
  • You experience a sudden increase in utility costs

These signs may also indicate issues with the compressor and even insufficient refrigerant levels. It is wise to schedule an appointment with professional HVAC experts such as our pros at Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning if you see any of these signs. An inspection and evaluation of the unit will identify the problem quickly.

Condenser Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your system running safely and smoothly. An annual HVAC system tune-up will ensure that your entire AC system, including your condenser, is clean and running smoothly.

During professional maintenance, our Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning technicians will clean debris from the unit, especially the condenser fins, and ensure that the fins are not damaged or bent. We will also check for proper tube alignment and unrestricted airflow.

Beyond our professional maintenance service program, you can perform some maintenance tasks to protect and preserve your air conditioner condenser. You can:

  • Remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from the unit regularly
  • Maintain at least 2 feet of clearance around the unit to promote proper airflow
  • Check the condenser fins and gently bend the metal fins back into place, if necessary

Though you can use a butter knife to do this, we recommend a condenser fin comb designed specifically for the job.

Other important tasks that help maintain your condenser and AC unit and keep your entire system working include:

  • Changing the indoor filters regularly
  • Cleaning the condensate line
  • Checking for blockage
  • Investing in a programmable thermostat

At Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, we always have your comfort in mind. Our professional technicians are ready to assist you with all your heating and cooling needs, including condenser and air conditioner repair, installation, and maintenance throughout the Central NJ area.

If your home doesn’t feel adequately air-conditioned or your system sounds off, be sure to call for our air conditioning services in Brick NJ at 866-746-7301 for a free estimate.

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