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Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor 3 years screened
Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor Screened
Eastern Shore HVAC HomeAdvisor 3 years screened

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Superior HVAC Services in Howell, NJ

Humid, hot New Jersey nights can be oppressive without climate control in your home or business, and frosty winter mornings can be even worse. Residents and businesses have counted on Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning for Furnace and AC repair in Howell, NJ for over 40 years. Our experienced HVAC technicians can troubleshoot and repair your heating and air conditioning system quickly and efficiently. We guarantee our repairs and will get your AC is working again promptly.

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or property manager, we can provide you with a certified HVAC contractor to repair or replace your heating and cooling systems. We can ensure you have comfortable, efficient, and cost-effective climate control for your home or commercial property.

For dependable heating and cooling service in Howell, NJ, call us today at (732) 280-1984. Discuss your AC repair, heating, or air conditioning service needs with a specialist.

HVAC Services in Howell Township, NJ

Living in northern New Jersey has the advantage of being near the largest major metropolitan area in the US, while also allowing you to escape to the countryside from the hectic life of the city. However, heating and cooling during freezing winters and scorching hot summers are necessary no matter where you reside. Fortunately, residents who need HVAC services in Howell Township, NJ, have a reliable, established, local heating and cooling services company they can call—Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning.

We work with all models and heating and cooling system types and offer a complete range of HVAC services including:

Heating Contractor in Howell, NJ

If you’re seeking a reliable heating contractor in Howell, NJ, look no further. Whether your property is commercial or residential, our certified HVAC contractors will work with you to design and install the heating and cooling system you need for a comfortable living or working environment. Get in touch with our team at (732) 280-1984.

We can schedule a time to sit down and discuss your heating and cooling system requirements, inspect your building or commercial space, and design an HVAC system that enables you to have efficient and economic climate control for your property. By choosing Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning for Furnace, you’re choosing the best HVAC contractor in Howell, NJ.

From furnace and boiler repair services in Howell, NJ, to simple maintenance, you won’t find better quotes, better service, or better results anywhere else. We guarantee it!

Air Conditioning Repair in Howell Township, NJ

When the AC is down at your home or office, no one’s happy. Fortunately, air conditioning repair in Howell, NJ, is what we do best. We’ll dispatch a senior technician to your home or office to quickly diagnose and repair your air conditioning system.

The heat and humidity of the New Jersey summers can be overwhelming to anyone, and potentially hazardous to the health of the elderly, the ill, and the very young. If your AC is not working efficiently – or not working at all – call Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule service for your cooling system. We’ll cool things down in a snap.

Our certified HVAC technicians will quickly determine the problem with your AC system and recommend appropriate maintenance, repairs, or replacement options to get your home or office cooled off quickly.

Driving Directions to Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning

From Howell Township, take US 9 S and Cedarbridge Ave to Mantoloking Rd in Brick Township – 30 min (13.7 mi)

  1. Turn left onto Aldrich Rd – 1.3 mi
  2. Turn left onto US 9 S – 138 ft
  3. Continue straight to stay on US 9 S – 3.8 mi
  4. Pass by Wells Fargo Bank (on the right in 3.4 mi)
  5. Continue straight onto Madison Ave – 0.2 mi
  6. Continue straight to stay on Madison Ave – 0.5 mi
  7. Turn left onto Main St – 0.1 mi
  8. Turn right onto S Clifton Ave – 0.2 mi
  9. Continue onto Cedarbridge Ave – 4.1 mi
  10. Continue straight to stay on Cedarbridge Ave – 0.8 mi
  11. Continue onto Mantoloking Rd – 2.6 mi
  12. Pass by 7-Eleven (on the right in 1.0 mi)
  13. Destination will be on the right

About Howell, NJ

The community of Howell Township was first inhabited about 9000 BCE by ancient Manasquan peoples and is among the oldest settlements in eastern North America. The first European contact with the area was in the 1520s when Giovanni da Verrazano explored the coast of New Jersey. Following early colonial settlement in the area, Howell Township was separated from Shrewsbury Township and incorporated in 1821.