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what makes a good hvac technician

What Makes a Good HVAC Technician: 4 Qualities to Look For

When your heating or cooling unit is acting up, all you want is to get it functioning again to combat the uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous temperatures that make their way into your home. However, the last thing you need is the run-around from an unprofessional technician who charges you more, fixes things that don’t need fixing, and may even leave you in the same predicament. 

That’s why it’s vital to understand what makes a good HVAC technician. HVAC services are intricate processes that require the right touch with the appropriate amount of respect and experience. At Eastern Shore HVAC in Brick, NJ, we know how to spot the best candidates before you pick up the phone, so refer to our tips below. 


According to the state of New Jersey, anyone striving to become an HVAC contractor must be 21 years or older to apply for a mandatory license. Your contractor begins the process by submitting a state board application and paying the necessary fees before passing an examination.

The state also demands proof of essential skills with educational requirements like a four-year Department of Labor apprenticeship or Bachelor’s degree in HVACR with follow-up studies. They must also have experience under a licensed Master HVAC technician. 

Additional certifications like a Section 608 EPA certification separate HVAC contractors from general contractors and prove that the former has troubleshooting skills specific to refrigerant use. Whether in refrigerators or ACs, a contractor must recharge, maintain, and dispose of the chemical in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. 


Another way to tell if your potential contractor is well-suited for the job is by checking their experience level. A new company with five or fewer years in the business is probably still working out the kinks of its HVAC company, and between the numerous companies popping up regularly, only the most reliable and experienced last against the competition. 

When an inexperienced technician enters your home, they may not read alarming signs correctly, resulting in them fixing or replacing the wrong parts. They’re also more prone to becoming confused and providing subpar solutions, especially if not accompanied by a more experienced master technician. 

On the other hand, years or even decades of experience guarantee they’ve encountered your HVAC issues before and know exactly how to deal with them. It also means less downtime for your cooling and heating systems, a detailed outline of all necessary steps and upfront pricing beforehand, and the right tools on hand every time, which is what makes a good HVAC technician. 


When fixing your unit, you may only care about the insurance that comes with your service to ensure service technicians cover future repairs. However, what makes a good HVAC technician is insurance that guarantees you’re not liable for accidents on your property, which may otherwise place you in the middle of a lawsuit, causing you to pay more than expected. 

What’s more, it shows an HVAC company is responsible enough to cover its employees, but in New Jersey, it also shows they’re conducting business according to the books. The state expects all licensed contractors and companies to have at least $500,000 coverage and a minimum of $3,000 in a surety bond. 

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction 

The most unbiased information you receive about any HVAC company comes from their reviews section and customer ratings. You’ll find these under a specified heading on their website, in Google reviews or a Google Business Profile, or any social media account, including Facebook or Glassdoor. 

Pay attention to the number of reviews they have alongside their highest and lowest-rated reviews to decipher how much business they’ve conducted and how they perform during each session. Take note of what previous customers complain about or praise to determine whether they’re the company for you. 

Most companies also claim customer satisfaction with free services to help reach that guarantee. Look if the business stands by their work at what they offer you so you can trust them with your unit. 

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