What the Home Inspector Should Be Looking For When Buying a New Home In Brick NJ

Purchasing a new home is supposed to be an exuberant experience, one that gives you a joyous transition from your old home to your new home. Therefore, at Eastern Shore HVAC we know a small mistake may leave you cursing yourself for making such an avoidable bladder. When hunting for a new house, at times, you may be attracted by the beautiful layout, colors as well as the ambiance of your dream home. However, before you decide on whether that’s your dream house, you will need to conduct a reality check on that house. Basically, home inspection involves physically and visually assessing the integrity of the housing structure, starting with the foundation to the roof. Purchasing a house is likely to be the biggest purchase any homeowner in Brick Township may make. Therefore, the last thing you want to experience is living in your newly acquired home as a frustrated homeowner. You can imagine how it feels to start doing repairs in a new home. That’s why when buying a new home, you should never overlook the importance of house inspection. Therefore, what exactly should a home inspector be looking for during this exercise? A professional home inspector in Brick Township should keenly assess the integrity of the construction and the kind of maintenance that has been done to your home. Below is a list of what your home inspector should be looking for when purchasing a new home.

Basic Safety Checklist For Brick Homeowners

The safety of your family comes first. That’s why the home inspector is first supposed to access the following safety items.

  • Smoke Detectors- Does the new home have smoke detectors? If yes, are they fully functional? Are they installed in the right places
  • Ground Fault Interrupters –These are electrical devices that protect the homeowner from the risk of electrocution in areas where electricity and water are close such as the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Stairs – The home inspector, in this case, checks the uniformity of the staircases, whether the handrails and guardrails are properly installed and at the right places.

The Homes Envelop

Even if the home in question is old, your inspector must check the basic ‘envelope’ that cushions that home from the extremes of weather. Your inspector must check the drainage to ensure that it’s fully functional. Also, the home inspector is supposed to look for cracks, faulty flashings, skylights to mention but just a few.

The Major Systems

The home inspector is supposed to assess the central home systems, from air conditioning and heating, electrical as well as plumbing. He is supposed to evaluate whether they are fully functional as they are supposed to be.

The Roof

The inspector should be able to inform you whether a professional or an amateur did the roof structure. The home inspector should be able to locate any anomaly with the chimney, roof flashing, skylights to mention but just a few.

Venting and Water Heater Temps

For safety reasons, a house requires proper ventilation for natural gas gadgets such as boilers, clothes dryers as well as furnaces. Ventilation failure may make poisonous gases build up in the house, exposing the occupants to a serious threat. A good home inspector will ensure that the home is fitted with all the safety features and that they are fully functional.
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