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6 Reasons Why DIY HVAC Repair Is Not Advisable

Many homeowners try to complete home improvements on their own, either to save money on labor costs or gain a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Unlike some common projects, the risks of fixing your heating and cooling system on your own almost always outweigh the expense of professional HVAC repair. Unless you are an experienced cooling and heating technician with access to professional-grade materials and equipment, your DIY HVAC repair efforts could be expensive in the long run. 

Do-It-Yourself HVAC Repairs

Trying to fix your AC unit or furnace yourself does not relieve you of most of the costs of professional repair services; you still have to pay for materials and sacrifice your time and energy.

Reason #1: The Risk of Injury

Homeowners risk electrocution, burns, lacerations, and other injuries when they attempt DIY HVAC repair. Accidents can happen because they lack professional safety equipment or because they do not have the experience to recognize potentially dangerous situations. An improperly repaired HVAC system could cause injuries or death months or years after the repair. 

Reason #2: Misdiagnosis of the Problem

An HVAC system is a combination of a heating system, an air conditioner, and extensive ductwork. With any interconnected system, a failure at one point could lead to problems elsewhere. For example, a loss of refrigerant could cause the air conditioning coils to overheat, and a faulty temperature sensor could prevent your air conditioner from turning on when you need it. 

If you reach an incorrect conclusion about the cause of a heating or cooling problem, you could replace the wrong part and lull yourself into a false sense of security. Professional HVAC technicians have advanced diagnostic equipment that allows them to identify the problem.

Reason #3: Liability for Costs

If you attempt to fix your HVAC system yourself, your DIY HVAC repair might void the manufacturer’s warranty, resulting in you being responsible for replacement costs if a part you fixed or replaced stops working. Your homeowner’s insurance might not cover damages from leaks or fires if they are the result of an amateur HVAC repair. If an occupant of your home or business suffers an injury or health problem because of your HVAC repair, they could hold you responsible.

Reason #4: Frustration and Wasted Time

Some homeowners embark upon DIY HVAC repair projects after reading instructional websites and watching tutorials, only to find that their repair did not turn out as they envisioned. When a repair project goes awry, you can spend months and thousands of dollars trying to get things back to the way they were when you started.

Reason #5: Consequences of Code Violations

Homeowners who carry out DIY repairs often are unaware of the building codes and permit requirements for installing new HVAC equipment, including electrical and plumbing requirements. They discover that they have to redo or remove their work when they plan to sell their home years later. 

Reason #6: Worrying Whether Your Repairs Will Last

Have you ever finished a repair project or assembled furniture and had pieces that did not quite fit or leftover pieces at the end? HVAC systems are complex, and without extensive training, it is easy to leave a loose connection or omit a critical step.

Even if you follow the steps perfectly, the parts you used might not be the right ones for your home, or some unusual characteristic of your home might cause your repair to have unintended consequences.

Every time your furnace or air conditioner turns on, or you hear a strange noise, you might wonder, “Did I do the job right?”

What You Get with Professional HVAC Repair

When you hire a reputable HVAC technician to fix or maintain your HVAC system, you can have faith that the repair complies with code and industry best practices. Your HVAC company should provide a warranty for their work and the parts they used for the repairs. A professional company will provide documentation for the repairs in case you need them to support a homeowner’s insurance claim or defend yourself against personal injury litigation.

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