Top 10 Furnace Repairs NJ

Top 10 Common Repairs of Heat Furnace

Heat furnaces have various types of repairs depending upon the quality of the brand and how well it is maintained. Over a period of time, you can expect the following 10 most common furnace repairs. At Eastern Shore Heating & Air Conditioning we have seen it all. Here is a list of the top 10 repairs we’ve seen over the years.

1. Thermostat Repairs.
When your furnace is not working properly, the primary cause may be due to issues in the thermostat. Few thermostats are powered by batteries which might have dried out. Changing the batteries or ensures proper power supply to the thermostat to enable the furnace to produce proper heating. The thermostat may not properly function due to old wiring, dust accumulation, extreme temperature changes. Fixing these minor issues in the thermostat helps the furnace to work properly.

2. Clogged Filters.
One of the most frequent problems of the furnace is the clogged and dirty filters. If your furnace has cheap air filters, it is better to replace it with a new air filter rather than cleaning and reusing it. Air filters that are made of metal can be thoroughly cleaned to remove the accumulated dust and reused again.

3. Strange banging noises.
When you hear strange banging and thumping noise in your furnace, you need to call a professional HVAC contractor to immediately analyze and fix the issue. This also prevents further deterioration of your furnace and improves its energy efficiency.

4. Ignition system failure.
When you notice that only a limited amount of heat from your furnace or faulty running of the blower to clear the warm air, it signifies an issue in the ignition system. This could be due to a failed ignition sensor or accumulation of dirt on the sensor.

5. Frequent Switching between on and off modes.
A typical furnace cycles between on and off when the heat exchangers get overheated due to low airflow or when the ignition sensor rod becomes dirty. Cleaning the entire ignition system along with air filters and restore your furnace to work again.

6. Water leakage.
The most common reason for water leakage in a furnace is due to a clogged condensation drain or a broken condensation pipe or issue with a condensate pump. All these lead to water to leak from the condensation pipe into the room.

7. The furnace blower isn’t running.
If the furnace blower does not throw any air, this could be due to a slipped belt on the motor pulley of the blower or a jammed fan motors. You need to replace the belt and oil the fan motors for the smooth rotating of bearings and enable the blower fan to function and throw air.

8. Low or no heat output
Sometimes a clogged filter or malfunctioning thermostat, inadequate capacity of the furnace main result in low heat output and your space doesn’t get heated adequately. Under unusually cold conditions, the heater cannot keep up with cold seepage. You need to deploy additional heating such as space heaters or fireplaces to keep the room warm.

9. Foul odors from the furnace.
When you smell a foul odor o suspect any gas leakage, you should immediately leave your home and inform the professional HVAC contractor or gas utility company. The leaked gas could contain carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases that are hazardous to life.

10. High Energy Bills
When your energy bills have skyrocketed unusually after using furnaces, it indicates an inefficient and under-maintained furnace. You need to immediately call up a professional HVAC contractor to service and maintain your furnace. This not only improves its efficiency, reduces energy bills but also extends the life of your furnace.

Some furnace issues are very difficult to detect by homeowners. It is preferable to hire a professional HVAC contractor to diagnose the problem, provide an effective and long-lasting solution and regular maintenance of your furnace.

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