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What is a Smart Thermostat & Why Everyone Is Talking About It

A smart thermostat is an HVAC technology trend that is here to stay. These smart thermostats enable the homeowners to control the temperatures of their houses from devices that are connected to the internet like computers, smartphones, tablets and more.

Each of these devices is usually made up of three parts.

  1. Thermostat control
  2. HVAC system sensor
  3. Smart thermostat app

That’s the typical set-up of a smart thermostat. However, there are others that come with more bells and whistles.

  • -The extra sensors are meant for zoning and they help in reducing the use of energy.
  • -The smartphone tracking which helps one to adjust the temperature.

The smart learning models usually do not require programming to acquire the energy-saving benefits of a device that has been connected.

Why are people going for smart thermostats?

This is not just a new trend but more because more homeowners in New Jersey switching to smart thermostats, but why?


Having control of your hvac system is something every homeowner looks for and that is one thing that a smart thermostat offers to them. The good thing about a thermostat is that it is user-friendly. Once you install one in your home by using a licensed and qualified HVAC Contractor like Eastern Shore HVAC, you will be able to control the temperatures of your house from any location and at any time as well. This comes as a great relief to disabled or elderly homeowners who are unable to get up with ease and adjust their thermostats. They can have control of the house temperatures at the comfort of where they are seated.

Energy efficiency.

Normally heating and cooling equipment consume more than forty percent of a home’s total electricity consumption. The smart thermostats are able to help homeowners save a lot on utility bills. Research has shown that smart thermostats can be able to save customers about twelve percent on their heating bills and up to fifteen percent on cooling. This translates to about $150 in savings every year. In fact, by lessening the burden on your system can also help costly heating and cooling repairs overtime. This is a lot of money and if these thermostats are enabling homeowners to save that amount, then that could be the reason their popularity is increasing by the day.

Smart thermostats are also helping to ensure our environment is kept clean. This comes as a result of homeowners being able to save on utility bills by not using the appliances when nobody is in the house. For instance, during the summer keeping indoor temperatures just 3 degrees higher and 3 degrees lower in the winter could result in cutting carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,050 points.

Smart thermostats ensure that the homeowners are able to turn the heating and cooling equipment on and off at any moment no matter where they physically located and for any reason. Because of this the amount of energy saved per day translates to a huge amount of savings yearly.

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