do hvac technicians need to be licensed

Do HVAC Technicians Need to Be Licensed in Brick Township, NJ?

Imagine you’re hosting a family gathering, and the air conditioning goes on the fritz. You’re not sure what’s wrong, but your brother-in-law claims to have some HVAC experience and offers to take a look. Do you let him, or do you call a professional? 

Unless your brother-in-law has a New Jersey HVAC license, it’s best to call a pro. Many people ask, “Do HVAC technicians need to be licensed?” and the answer is yes. When you call Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning, you can rest assured that our team of HVAC contractors in Brick Township, NJ, has all the appropriate training, licenses, and insurance to ensure safe, top-quality work that doesn’t put your home or family at risk.

New Jersey’s HVAC License Requirements 

The Garden State prohibits anyone from accepting or performing any HVAC work without the appropriate license. The New Jersey State Board of Examiners of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors issues a master HVAC contractor license to qualified individuals, allowing them to work on heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration systems.

What makes someone qualified to work in the HVAC industry? Potential technicians need a combination of education and hands-on training to qualify for the state licensing exam that evaluates their skills. Getting a license also requires showing proof of general liability insurance and a guarantor surety bond of at least $3,000, which protects customers by guaranteeing that the contractor will perform the work they promise to do. 

How to Become an HVAC Contractor in New Jersey

Becoming an HVAC contractor in New Jersey starts with education. To be eligible to sit for the exam, a contractor needs a bachelor’s degree in HVAC or a related field, like mechanical engineering. It’s also possible to qualify by earning an HVAC certificate or associate’s degree from a technical or vocational school.

In addition to classroom education, which includes coursework in gas and electric heating, electricity for HVAC, energy management, and designing HVAC systems, the licensing board also requires documented hands-on work experience in an apprenticeship. Depending on the contractors’ education, they need a minimum of 1,700 to 2,000 hours of supervised work experience before they can take the exam.

The HVAC contractor exam is a two-part test that gauges an individual’s knowledge of the trade, as well as relevant business and legal topics, like estimating projects and contract law. 

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed HVAC Contractor 

Some homeowners question, “Do HVAC technicians need to be licensed?” because they aren’t sure what to look for in a service provider or how to compare their options. Others might wonder about licensing requirements because they’re thinking about performing work themselves to try to save money. In either case, you have to hire a licensed professional to work on the heating and cooling system in your Brick Township home. 

Working with a licensed HVAC technician is important for several reasons. 

Work Quality 

Licensed, professional technicians have the knowledge and skills to work on your heating and cooling equipment safely and correctly. You don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous mistakes that can damage your equipment or put your family in danger. 

Code Compliance

HVAC professionals must comply with local building codes. If you do the work yourself or allow an unlicensed individual to do it, there’s a risk of expensive and dangerous violations. When you go to sell your home, for instance, you may need to pay to have a system brought up to code before the buyers sign the contract.

Liability Protection

If you don’t work with a licensed technician, you’re on the hook for any costs due to damage, code violations, injuries, or other problems. Your homeowners’ insurance may even decline to pay for damage due to work by unlicensed contractors. Maintaining a valid HVAC license in New Jersey requires carrying liability insurance, so home and business owners have a safety net if something goes wrong. 

Trust the Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning Team for All Your HVAC Needs 

If you have a problem with your heating and cooling system or need to install new equipment, don’t wonder, “Do HVAC technicians need to be licensed?” or hire anyone without the proper credentials. Avoid DIY HVAC repair and call the professional, licensed, bonded, and insured team from Eastern Shore Heating and Air Conditioning for quality work that you can trust. We are available seven days a week to work on your Brick Township, NJ, home, so make an appointment today by calling (732) 800-9416